Thursday, August 12, 2010


Faithfulness is a playful interaction between the past, present and future. Let me explain: If I make a promise to you today then it is because I see the completion of that promise to be beneficial to both of us. But when I look back at that promise at some point in the future, I must make a decision to honor my promise or not. When I made the promise I was postulating that I would still see the benefit of its completion in the same light. Now, as I look back, many things have changed and I may not view it as the most beneficial to me or to you! So, do I follow through with my promise? Faithfulness dictates that I follow through regardless of my current frame of reference.

We often think of faithfulness in terms of the marriage contract. It is a promise to love and honor one person above all others. It is a promise to care for the other "for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part." This vow is often taken at a point in time without any conception of what will take place and how each person will change over their years together. This vow is also taken without any reservation and absolutely no intent of breaking it. But, sadly, it is broken all too often. How does this happen?

We need a new understanding of faithfulness, one that transcends time, endures the unthinkable and renews itself daily in every circumstance. I want to reflect on God's faithfulness for a moment, a faithfulness without equal.

Christ is the embodiment of God's faithfulness. All the promises of the Old Testament come to rest, are completed, in the person of Christ: our Redeemer, our sacrifice for sin, our perfect priest, our mediator of a new covenant, the righteousness of God and the victor over death. All God's promises are fulfilled in Christ. Not one word of what God says is lost or incomplete because of the birth, life, work, death and resurrection of Christ.

I am also reminded of God's faithfulness to me. When I was lost in sin, He found me and convicted me of my need for His forgiveness and restoration. When I am rejected by others, He reminds me that He has accepted me without any qualifications. When I am in need, He provides in practical ways for those needs and even for some desires. When I am concerned for others, He provides practical ways that I can reach out to them in love and with generosity.

When I begin to understand and depend on God's faithfulness, I begin to be transformed. He works a miracle in me. I am moved to reflect faithfulness in my own life. It takes practice and many times it is very difficult. We also need each others help to be accountable, to forgive and to restore relationships. Maybe you can help me...